We utilise various forms of expression and creativity to maximise the amount of interaction between students. This could be through the use of spoken word, music, acting, dance, presenting workshops and more.


Our aim is to encourage individuals to find their strengths in a number of fields. We believe the more fun they have, the more memorable the experiences are and the more they learn.


Partaking in sessions, rehearsing musical numbers or memorising dance moves can stimulate the minds of children, focusing it in new ways that may never have been harnessed before.


Every child is unique. Every child has a unique way of learning. Our sessions to help identify that skill set and encourage each child to express their creativity and imagination.


We present the vast array of possibilities available within the arts, particularly for children from BAME backgrounds we highlight relevant role models they can relate to.

What we offer:

Pick 2 Sessions or more (For Ages 7 & Over)  - To Form Mixed Creative Session

Music Sessions


Dance Sessions


Rap Sessions (which can be combined with poetry sessions)


Poetry/ Writing Sessions (which can be combined with rap sessions)

Acting Sessions

Live Guitar

Workshops (For Ages 12 & Over) 


Acting Workshops


Writing music


Dj Workshops


Review writing workshops


Radio Presenting/ Live Hosting Sessions

(Journalism/ Press Writing)

Film making workshops

  • Camera directing/ live streams

  • Video editing

  • Photography


Sound Producing and Mixing workshops

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Things Happen.

The Turn Up Live: Schools program provides a positive expressive atmosphere through the use of creative arts!

Programs Available From KS1- KS4


 Showcase assembly or Mixed creative session -


From £250

- All prices are rough estimates calculated on a per day rate, contact us or fill in our online form to get a quote more suited to your needs