Turn up productions


Our production company has been designed to create diverse stimulating content which has a positive impact on society. Turn up productions has been involved with campaigns for many high profile events and clients. We have been involved in The ) Fashion Awards 2022 where we were able to employ a talented diverse team to produce high quality social media content for designer brands. To many festivals and awards shows such as Wireless festival and BAFTA. We have been able to offer young NEET individuals a step up to professional jobs which have in turned helped open doors to new opportunities



Kia Collective x Adobe 


The day before I had to film this, I had a videographer canceled, I was so calm about it and just knew it would come together. @officialdwhyte came to my mind because I know he films for big shows and events so he would

know other people in the industry. In a couple of hours, @kingkiren97 had helped me enhance the brief and planned the whole shoot. Thank you team! @turnupbc I absolutely recommend working with them.