A young couple’s holiday in Italy soon turns sinister when a neighbour is revealed not be who they initially thought he was. 










Cast choice- Turn Up (7/10)

  • Some pretty big names in the movie including Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul


Storyline- Turn Up (8/10) 

  • A generally enjoyable movie shrouded in mystery


Soundtrack- Turn Up (7/10)

  • Not a major aspect of the film, but accompanies the mysteries and chilling tone very well

Cinematography- Turn Up (10/10)

  • Beautiful cinematography and stunning camera shots. A major upside of the film

Would we watch again?

  • Definitely. The movie was fantastic and is worth watching 



Turn-ups and turn-downs?



Short summary




Welcome home is chilling but not overly frightening example of a couple haunted by a strange, unsettling figure. The mysterious tone begins at the offset with an eerie soundtrack and continues throughout the film. The acting at good at times and at others isn't great, but despite that model, Emily Ratajkowski’s acting is surprisingly decent. However this is made up for with the film's stunning cinematography. The camera shots are well thought out, cleverly executed, and help to set the mood of the film. Along with the beautiful Italian scenery, the long panning shots help to capture the environment's beauty and the close ups help to focus on small intricate details, aiding the sense of mystery. The sexual moments, while vital to some aspects of the film, are overused and eventually become more of a joke that a steamy moment between lovers and therefore fail in their purpose. While the climax of Welcome home initially appears to be predictable, the final ending is truly unexpected, which makes the overall film experience enjoyable to say the least.







Turn up reviews recommend you TURN UP  to see the movie. So grab some popcorn and maybe bring some friends along with you.



So should you TURN UP to see this movie or TURN DOWN an invite?



Review by Leah Trimmer 

Welcome Home is now available now on VoD!