Two childhood friends are joined together by the love and passion for Italian cooking. Once Nikki spreads her wings and decides to move to London in search for new experiences to develop her talent, Leo is left with both families falling into battle with each other over a dispute concerning a local pizza prize. After five years, Nikki returns home as a talented chef in search for inspiration for her next menu and finds herself torn between present and past, struggling to make her next move in the culinary world. But when love is in the air… everything seems to fall into place.







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Soundtrack- Turn Up (6/10)




Acting- Turn Up (7/10)




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Little Italy is a romantic comedy filled with humour, passion and love whilst embracing the authenticity of Italian cooking. In the heart of New York, two Italian families run their own pizzeria in an old-fashioned, unique style. A tiny dispute, however, forces both families to stay apart, including Leo and Nikki, who have been long-time friends since the day they were born. As a reflection of both their fathers’ pride, the young protagonists are constantly faced with a battle for the win, however Nikki’s return to her hometown after a few years abroad causes things to take a radical turn as she sets her eyes on a matured Leo.

The numerous sub-plots brought to life by the relationships between both family members and the parallelism of love stories between older and younger generations build up a romantic chemistry throughout the movie in an atmosphere of culinary heaven. The modern-day humour, embraced especially by the grandparents with their witty remarks in relation to Beyonce’s pop songs as well as a sudden discovery of their mutual craving for Starbucks coffee, contribute to the fresh style of the comedy in an atmosphere of trust and dedication towards the important things in life - such as family. In an attempt to win the fame of being the best pizza-maker in town, Leo sets aside his own pride in the name of love, swinging Nikki off her feet and into his arms through his chivalrous nature whilst teaching both their families the power of unity. Both lovers join their culinary expertise in view of a bright future as they open a new restaurant together in their home town, combining the contemporary influence of successful entrepreneurship with the traditional techniques of their families, to carry on the Italian secrets throughout the following generations.    








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Review by Camelia Ramsay