Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) is left to look after for the children and to navigate the mundane events of life, while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world on her own. However when a new villain schemes a dangerous plan, the family must once again work together to save their city.







Cast choice- Turn Up (8/10)

  •  True to the first movie in every way. Dash may be played by a new actor but we don’t mind


Storyline- Turn Up (7/10) 

  • Fun, exciting and overall enjoyable, but maybe a little too predictable at times


Script- Turn Down (6/10)

  • While there were some funny lines in the movie, it would have been nice to have had some of the iconic quotes of the first movie such as elastigirl’s “I think you need to be a bit more flexible.” just to stir up our nostalgia


Soundtrack- Turn Up (9/10)

  • Just as a good as the first soundtrack, Michael Giacchino has once again composed some great pieces to accompany this movie

Originality- Turn Up (9/10)

  • What isn't original about Pixar’s movies?

Pixar Short film- Turn Up (9/10)

  • The short film for incredible 2 has to be one of my favourites. It stirred up both happiness and sadness and made me laugh too. The ending was unpredictable and the concept original, the film is well in all aspects

Would we watch again?

  • Definitely. The movie was fantastic and is worth watching a second time



Turn-ups and turn-downs?




Short summary




The Incredibles 2 is a playful, comedic and fun sequel to the critically acclaimed first instalment. Now 17 years on from the original movie, teens and adults alike can enjoy the adult humour and nuances of the most recent Pixar film. Taking off from where the first movie left us, The Incredibles 2 dives once again into the troubles of a superfamily living in an anti-super world. Relatable? Maybe not for us teens, or humans in that case, but the nostalgia we feel watching this movie is enough. Fans can truly say they've missed the Incredible family; Mr Incredible elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack never left our hearts and that's why the Incredibles 2 has been such a hit. While the character design may have missed the mark in some areas, the stylistics of the first Incredibles instalment still stands as iconic.







Turn up reviews recommend you TURN UP  to see the movie. So grab some popcorn and maybe bring some friends along with you.



So should you TURN UP to see this movie or TURN DOWN an invite?



Review by Leah Trimmer