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Bleeding Steel, directed by Leo Zhang, is one of Jackie Chan's latest action flicks. It’s no Rush Hour, nor is it the worst of the worst. However, it still fails to hit the mark in some areas. Some parts were definitely very interesting, well shot, funny and enjoyable, while others were just too cheesy to bear. There definitely is never a dull moment; Bleeding Steel is always full of colourful sets, and fast-paced fights, but the script, or potentially the English translation of the script, is a major downfall of the movie. Characters are enjoyable, but seemingly underdeveloped, especially Nancy and Li Shen. We never truly get to see the depth of their character. Director Leo Zhang has created the perfect balance of action and comedy; viewers will be on the edge of their seats at some scenes and in others will be chuckling at the subtle jokes. One thing that can be said with confidence is that Bleeding Steel an enjoyable movie.








Cast choice- Turn Up (9/10)

  •  You can’t give a “turn down” to the legend Jackie Chan



Script- Turn Down (3/10) 

  • The movie has some really cheesy moments and overused cliches that just make you cringe, but also make it strangely enjoyable on a few occasions


Comedy- Turn Up (7/10)

  • Although the movie isn’t a comedy it has some subtleties that may make you chuckle.


Action scenes- Turn Up (8/10)

  • The action starts straight away and continues throughout. The scenes are tense, fast-paced, slightly comedic and overall enjoyable. It has chases on-foot, car chases and lots of high energy fight scenes


Would we watch again?

  • Yes, definitely with a thrill-action seeking friend who loves cheesy movies



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Review by Leah Trimmer