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Late Night follows late night talk show host Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) and her attempts at saving her show due to declining ratings. Although an established woman in television, Katherine is often labelled a 'woman hater' due to her overwhelmingly male, and white, writer's room. Mindy Kaling's character, Molly Patel, is hired impulsively to close their diversity issue. The two, eventually, bond over their differences and even realise their similarities. 



Cast choice- Turn Up (9/10)

  • Thompson fits the intimidating yet charming role like a glove. The two stars are the perfect comedy duo!


Acting- Turn Up (8/10) 



Originality- Turn Down (6/10)


Script- Turn Up(8/10)


Overall rating: 8/10



Would we watch again?

  • Definitely! Not only is it the perfect summer film to watch with friends, but it will also undoubtedly become a modern classic akin to The Devil Wears Prada. With its witty writing, the film is the perfect pick-me-up for gloomy days. 


Turn-ups and turn-downs?




Short summary



A comedy about the adventures of a late-night talk show ‘diversity’ hire in the midst of a heavily white-male writer’s room is unsurprisingly the work of the brilliant multi-hyphenate, Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project, The Office). The unstoppable force that is Emma Thompson (and her multiple iconic power suits and boots) stars alongside Kaling in Late Night. Playing Katherine Newbury, a near science-fiction role since a woman has never actually been the host of a mainstream late-night talk show, Thompson reinstates her unquestionable comedic timing. While Kaling is renowned in the real-life comedy scene, Thompson also originally hails from comedy — the film even using real-life footage from her time as a stand-up. Kaling’s character, Molly Patel, is hired following criticism in regards Katherine’s overwhelmingly white and male writer’s room. The film doesn’t shy away from the realities of some of our ‘feminist’ heroes, Katherine is seemingly intimidated by the prospect of other female writers; presumingly a result of years fighting for her own stage in the heavily male industry. But, like in all good buddy rom-coms, Molly eventually wins Katherine over and teaches her to embrace change if she wants her show to survive the changing cultural climate. While the film’s narrative formula is nothing new, Kaling’s writing — alongside Nisha Ganatra’s direction — reinvigorates it with a refreshing and unique perspective.






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Turn up reviews recommend you TURN UP  to see this movie. So grab some popcorn and maybe bring some friends along with you.



So should you TURN UP to see this movie or TURN DOWN an invite?



Review by Graciela Mae